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A Mission of Love

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A Vision Realized

Welcome to the La Fata family legacy. Ours is a story born not of vine and soil alone, but of shared dreams, love, and indomitable spirit. It began with a notecard in 2009, a humble beginning where Vito and Anna etched their dreams into existence.

La Fata Cellars is more than a winery; it’s a testament to tenacity, discipline, and an entrepreneurial drive that refused to be stifled. Their dreams of creating exquisite wines and building a family legacy became a reality when they planted their vineyard in Temecula Valley Wine Country in 2017. Fueled by their success in online coaching businesses, their vision was as clear as their resolve was strong.

Their purpose was simple yet profound – not just to make wine, but to create a shared experience, a fusion of love, connection, and the essence of life itself. They live by the ‘Tutti A Tavola’ philosophy – ‘Everyone to the Table,’ underscoring the belief that the true joy of a meal lies in the company, the conversations, and the shared laughter over a bottle of fine wine.

In 2023, they extended their dream further, opening the doors to their wine-tasting room. Here, nestled amidst the stunning landscape of the Temecula Valley, every bottle embodies the charm of Santa Ynez Valley and the spirit of their dream.

Today, with their children Lucca and Rey, they are living their dream, not just as a family business, but as a beacon of shared memories, unforgettable moments, and the magic of steadfast belief. La Fata Cellars is their mark on the world, a reminder that life should not just be lived, but relished, sip by joyous sip, moment by precious moment.

In the heart of their legacy lie the Four Pillars: Moments, Memories, Mission, and Meaning. Vito and Anna invite you to be part of their journey, their story. Join them in raising a glass to life, to connection, and to the creation of memories that, like a fine wine, only get better with time.

What Matters Most


Moments are not fleeting snippets of time, but carefully crafted experiences that resonate long after they have passed. They are the heartbeats of their journey, each one a precious blend of love, connection, and joy, savored sip by sip, like a fine wine poured into a glass.


Memories’ are the rich tapestry of a shared journey, each thread woven with the warmth of family, the joy of connection, and the refined taste of a glass of wine. They are cherished reminders of where we’ve come from, the challenges we’ve surmounted, and the dreams made into delightful realities – all echoing in every bottle uncorked and every glass raised.


more than an abstract concept or a business plan, Mission is a heartfelt pledge that guides our journey – to create wines that capture the essence of family, connection, and the zest of life itself. It’s an unwavering commitment to transforming moments into memories, turning ordinary meals into celebrations, and ensuring that every sip of wine is a sip of love, dreams, and relentless passion.


‘Meaning’ is the soul of our endeavor, the profound truth that pulses at the heart of every grapevine in our vineyard. It’s the knowledge that our wines are not just beverages, but bridges connecting people, sparking conversations, and deepening bonds, all while nurturing a legacy that brings purpose and pleasure together in each exquisitely crafted bottle of La Fata Cellars wine.

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