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Temecula meets the Santa Ynez Valley.

La Fata Cellars is built upon the four pillars of Moments, Memories, Mission, and Meaning, a testament to the belief that every day offers the opportunity to savor the moment, build cherished memories, embark on a higher mission, and infuse actions with deep meaning. This ethos is a reminder that life’s richness is found not merely in ‘getting through the day,’ but in intentionally living each moment, creating a life that is not just about the passing of time, but about the accumulation of experiences that make it worthwhile.
Our Foundation for Living

The Four Pillars

La Fata Cellars is founded on the pillars of life that keep us focused, driven, and alive. It is through these pillars that we have set out on a journey of discovery. Far too often in life, people “end up” in one place or another. At La Fata Cellars, we believe that each day is a gift from God that should be cherished and loved. We have created our wines with this in mind.

Discover this journey for yourself. Awaken your purpose.

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